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How to Boost Your Immune System with Colon Hydrotherapy

We often think of the colon as simply the end of the line in the body’s waste removal system. But the colon is so much more than that! Aside from its very important job of “housekeeping,” the colon is also intricately linked to the health of our immune system.

Pandemic or no pandemic, immune health is always in style. Let’s learn how we can boost our immunity from the inside out by keeping our colon in tip-top shape!

How is the Colon Linked to the Immune System?

Along with ridding our bodies of waste, the colon also manages our hydration levels, absorbs important nutrients, and creates vitamins like B-12 and K.

When it comes to immunity, the colon plays a key role. As waste passes through, a healthy colon ensures that toxins are kept out of the bloodstream and in the waste to be excreted. This keeps the immune system strong and prevents issues like leaky gut and auto-immune reactions.

Researchers have also found that balancing bacteria in the microbiome of the colon can help protect our immune system against chronic diseases like colon cancer.

How to Improve Immune Health by Healing the Colon

The gut is intimately tied with the immune system, so let’s boost our defenses by healing the colon! Here are some simple ways to improve your colon and immune function:

  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and leafy greens. These foods have all the vitamins we need for a strong immune system and a healthy colon. Fiber and roughage help to clean the colon and encourage healthy bowel movements.

  • Exercise regularly. Exercise not only keeps your immune system responsive; it also keeps you regular and improves the colon’s detoxification process.

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking pure water helps to keep the gut balanced, our cells hydrated, and the colon happy. Hydration is key to avoid constipation, inflammation, and toxin build-up in the colon.

  • Cleanse with colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy is the fastest and most restorative way to heal from the inside out. With colon hydrotherapy, the old contents of the colon are flushed away, giving the intestinal mucosa a chance to cleanse, detoxify, and renew. Any harmful or inflammatory bacteria in the colon can no longer weaken the immune system and we are given a fresh, clean start. In addition to the obvious cleansing effects of colon hydrotherapy, these sessions also encourage stress relief and relaxation which can also contribute to a stronger and more balanced immune system.

Boost Your Immunity with Colon Hydrotherapy

At Coastal Colon Hydrotherapy, we know how powerful a healthy gut can be when it comes to total wellness. We also know that a strong immune system is essential for staying healthy today – and long into the future.

Are you ready to restore your immune health while healing your gut? Schedule your visit with Del Mar’s holistic colonic experts at Coastal Colon Hydrotherapy today!

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