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How Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Boosts Your Health

At Coastal Colon Hydrotherapy, we are always looking for ways to help you feel amazing faster and with longer-lasting results.

One of our favorite ways to do this is by combining our signature colonics with an electro-lymphatic drainage session. Together, these two therapies significantly clear toxins, restore a healthy balance, and improve the body’s overall health.

Curious about how electro-lymphatic drainage can help you? Read on to learn more about this incredible therapy and how you can restore your health at Coastal Colon Hydrotherapy.

What is Electro-Lymphatic Drainage?

Electro-lymphatic drainage is a gentle way to speed up lymphatic drainage and clear the body of toxins and harmful waste.

During an electro-lymphatic drainage session, we use a specialized machine that provides non-invasive light touch therapy. Because our body fluids (like lymph) are conductors of electricity, we can use gentle electro-stimulation to break up congested fluids and move them through the body with ease.

Despite being incredibly gentle, electro-lymphatic drainage provides the healing power of 8-10 manual lymphatic sessions in just one hour. The result is increased detoxification, faster healing results, and an overall sense of calm and wellbeing.

Colonics + Electro-Lymphatic Drainage: The Perfect Detox Pair

At Coastal Colon Hydrotherapy, we see the best results when we use electro-lymphatic drainage right before a colonic.

Why? Because gut health is the key to total body health. This is primarily because our gut has a huge influence over our lymphatic system and the immune system. Colonics and electro-lymphatic drainage therapies work together to clear the body’s toxins and enhance the connection between the gut and the lymphatic system.

Step One: Flush the Lymphatic System

We will start by flushing the lymphatic system with a gentle electro-lymphatic drainage session. This helps to drive excess waste and toxins into the gut, as well as clear out any congested lymph from the abdomen and body.

Step Two: Clear Toxins and Waste from the Gut

After the lymphatic drainage session, we will continue with a cleansing colon hydrotherapy session. Because the toxins from the lymph have been worked into the gut, a colonic helps to immediately move this waste out of the body.

Step Three: Restore at Home After your session, it’s essential to give your body the TLC it needs to maintain your fresh, healthy state! Drink plenty of fresh water, make time to rest, take daily probiotics to encourage healthy gut flora, and eat a nutritious diet. Practice daily dry brushing and abdominal self-massage to promote healthy circulation and lymph flow.

Feel Renewed with Electro-Lymphatic Drainage at Coastal Colon Hydrotherapy

Sometimes you just need a total reset. An electro-lymphatic drainage and colonic package is the fastest way to get significant results. After your session, prepare to feel lighter and more energized with a new sense of clarity and vibrance! Schedule your electro-lymphatic drainage plus colonic session today. Contact us by email or call (858) 252-8242. We look forward to helping you feel renewed!

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